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SwiftKey Keyboard Free

Try SwiftKey free for one month

SwiftKey – the best-selling keyboard on Android,..Learn More

X-plore File Manager

X-plore allows you to see inside of your Android phone or tablet.

This is a dual-pane explorer, which means that there're two folders shown at same time, and common operation such as copying files are done from one pane to another.,..Learn More

TeamViewer for Remote Control
Easily support friends and family when they have computer problems - no matter where you are. You can also benefit from gaining access to your private home computer to edit documents or use particular software while you are on the road.,...Learn More

GO Note Widget
GO Note Widget is a good helper to manage your schedules and notes. You can use task style to add schedules. You can also use note style to quickly write down your thoughts.,...Learn More

SMS Text Messaging ↔ PC/Tablet
★ Text from your Computer or Tablet, using your current Android phone number
★ Instant Notifications on computer/tablet when SMS hits phone.
★ See who's calling -- on your computer or tablet,...Learn More

Battery Saver Du&Switch Widget
Our Battery Saver now have official brand "Du"!
Du Battery Saver would dispel your worry of the dying battery and free you out of the life tangled by cables!
Why not just take a FREE try for several days? You deserve a prolonged battery!,.Learn More

LINE Brush
Sketch and Draw on your Smartphone!!

LINE Brush has been ranked no. 1 in the Free Apps category in 11 countries including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Macau.,...Learn More

GO Locker
GO Locker,design to GO Launcher EX is the most simple locker for Android!The lastest version has been mistaken for malware by 'Avast! Mobile Security'. The lastest virus database version of 'Avast! Mobile Security' has fix this problem. Users can enjoy GO Locker as usual without unsafe factors.Thanks!,... Learn More

Adobe Reader
The global standard for reliably viewing and sharing PDF documentsAdobe® Reader® is the free, trusted leader for reliably viewing and interacting with PDF documents across platforms and devices,..... Learn More

GO Power Master
(Save Battery)
GO Power Master is a professional tool to help you save the power of the battery

GO Power Master is a professional management tool represented by GO Dev team to help you monitor and save the power of your battery,...Learn More

GO Task Manager EX
A simple task killing tool for your home screen of GO Launcher EX.

App2SD function, tap 'Move' button will turn to the detail page, click 'Move to SD' or 'Move to USB storage' will auto move. :),...Learn More

ES File Explorer File Manager
Featured File manager & App manager which can explore the phones & computers.ES File Explorer is a free, full-featured file and application manager,...Learn More

Battery Booster
(2x Battery)
Boost your battery life by 15-30% with just the press of a button! This battery booster/saver app will run in the background and automatically disable battery-sucking features of your phone when you aren't using them,...Learn More

2x Battery - Battery Saver
Reclaim your battery, efficient & easy to use

Does the phone run out of battery quickly? Does the phone always die at crucial moment? This app extends many extra hours to the battery life by managing Internet connection intelligently and in the background,... Learn More

 ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do

Color Note - Easy to use notepad for notes, shopping list, to-do list, calendar

Color Note is a simple notepad app. It gives you a quick and simple notepad editing experience when you write notes, memo, email, message, shopping list and to do list. Color Note makes taking a note easier than any other notepad and memo apps,...Learn More

AndroZip File Manager
#1 ZIP application and first Android archiver is with you since beginning of 2009. AndroZip File Manager helps you copy, delete, move, unzip/unpack, compress, encrypted ZIP supported, search, and organize your files, music, pictures, and folders just like you would do on your PC. Frequently updated with new and useful features,..Learn More

Fontomizer SP
Download over 10 million!!!

Fontomizer SP
Font for Galaxy
Font for Galaxy S2
Font for Galaxy S3
font for Galaxy note,..Learn More

ASTRO File Manager / Browser
ASTRO helps organize & view your pictures, music, video, document & other files.

ASTRO File Manager has 35 million downloads on the Android Market and 300,000 reviews!,... Learn More

Advanced Task Killer

Cannot install? You might want to clean cache of Google Play Store. This looks like a bug of Google Play Store,...Learn More

Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere.Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere,...Learn More

GO Clock Widget
GO Clock Widget is a time browsing tool on homescreen based on GO Launcher EX

GO Clock Wiget is a time browsing tool on homescreen based on GO Launcher EX. Both analog style and digital style are supported. The analog style has two different modes that change at 6:00 and 18:00. Up to 9 different themes are supported!,..Learn More

Evernote turns your Android device into an extension of your brain.

★ New York Times ‘Top 10 Must-Have App’, Winner: TechCrunch Crunchies, Mashable Awards and the Webbys. ★,..Learn More

JuiceDefender - battery saver
JuiceDefender - Battery Saver is a powerful yet easy to use power manager app specifically designed to extend the battery life of your Android device. Packed with smart functions, it automatically & transparently manages the most battery draining components, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi,...Learn More

GO LauncherEX Indonesia langua
A language plug-in for GO LauncherEX.
This pack is for GO LauncherEX Indonesia language support.
Install it and change the system language.
The translation will be updated soon, please stay turned. Thanks
If you wanted to join our translation team. Click and sign in.

GO Contacts EX
Brought to you by GO Dev Team.

Brought to you by GO Dev Team , GO Contacts EX is yet another powerful tool, ideal replacement of stock Contacts and Dialer. It is featured by fast search, grouping, duplicates merge and secure backup/recovery,....Learn More

GO LauncherEX Bahasa Indonesia
This pack is for GO LauncherEX Bahasa Indonesia language support.A language plug-in for GO LauncherEX.
This pack is for GO LauncherEX Bahasa Indonesia language support.
Install it and change the system language,...Learn More

Google Drive

Keep everything. Share anything.

*** Google Docs is now a part of Google Drive! ***,....Learn More

Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer
Memory Booster - Android RAM Optimizer to Speed Up Your Smartphone!Memory Booster is a powerful mobile memory & RAM boosting tool specially designed for Android smartphone and tablet users,...Learn More

GO Calendar Widget
It brings the real calendar to your home screen.GO Calendar widget brings the calendar and the agenda to your home screen. It was designed to make it more simple and faster to work with your calendar. Two different views (month and agenda) give you a good overview to your upcoming events,...Learn More

Android's leading compass app with location display and geo-tagged notes.ANDROID'S LEADING COMPASS APP
Featured in “Best Android Apps, The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders”, published by O’Reilly Media, Compass by is the most popular compass app available,...Learn More

App Backup & Restore

Backup & restore apps for android device

App Backup & Restore is used to backup and restore apps for android,....Learn More

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