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Freapp - Free App of the Day
Freapp selects for you the best free App on Google Play and suggests you every day which you can download. You do not have to waste time searching through the thousands of applications within the official store of Android, the team of Freapp think for you!,........Learn More

Allow to take screenshots of your phone's screen.
You can set a delay in second before capture (timer).
Files can be saved in Bmp, PNG or JPG format in the screenshots's directory.
Device capture, shootscreen, capture ecran, screen grabber,...Learn More

4Shared Downloader
4Shared Downloader allows you to easily access any files on 4Shared. You will have access to apps, ringtones, music, videos, documents, and anything else on 4Shared!

The fastest way to download from 4Shared!,...Learn More

Aplikasi pertama di Indonesia dengan ‘push notification’ yang bisa ngingetin waktunya isi ulang kuota. Isi ulang jadi mudah karena bisa langsung dari gadget. BIMA juga bisa menampilkan info seputar profil Tri kamu dan memberi rekomendasi paket yang sesuai kebutuhan.,...Learn More

GO Media Manager
GO Media manager is an exclusive plugin of GO launcher EX . GO Media manager enables you to check pictures, music and videos in app drawer conveniently. You can sort, hide, delete, and play media. GO Media manager will bring you a better experience of managing media,....Learn More

Clean Master (Cleaner)
After long time research, world's first android cleaning method was released, exclusive in Clean Master.

What is Clean Master?
Clean Master is a Must Have cleaner app for android users. It provides comprehensive cleaning methods to clean cache, residual files, app packages and erase history on android phones,. ...Learn More

Windows8 Launcher

Windows8 is Home launcher application which tries to provide Windows8 Ex Lumia like experience on your android device,....Learn More

Google Translate

 Translate text between more than 64 languages. Translate words and phrases between more than 65 languages using Google Translate for Android. For most languages, you can speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations,...Learn More

- Excellent search engine addresses of any city in the world.
- Lets also search by name tourist sites.
- Lets zoom in and zoom out.
- The searches are very fast

App 2 SD
(move app to SD)
App 2 SD helps you to get more free internal phone storage space

Are you running out of application storage?

Do you hate having to check each and every app if it supports moving to the SD card?,...Learn More

Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR enables you to have your favorite web apps with you all the time. AIR apps run on your device without a browser, providing the convenience of a native app. You can learn more about AIR at See what the most popular AIR apps are right now at

Smart TV Remote
Smart Remote allows controlling your Samsung TV simply over the local network.

Note: Currently there is a problem with Samsung B-Series TV working with Remote Control. I try to fix it in the next release!,....Learn More

GO Keyboard
GO Keyboard is the best and the most popular keyboard on the android market!
GOKeyboard can make your typing faster and smarter. It is a essential choice for android mobile,...Learn More

avast! Mobile Security
Full-featured, best/top-rated Android antivirus & security app (4.7 of 5 stars).

Remote cell phone tracker/locator and malware protection (with USSD blocker),...Learn More

Tiny Flashlight + LED
Flashlight app. Use your device's camera LED / flash / screen as a torch.

Flashlight app for your device! Incredibly simple and yet very useful flashlight application. Will use your device's camera LED / flash / screen as a torch,...Learn More

Link2SD is an application that makes it easy for Android 1.6+ users with root privileges on their phone to move applications to the SD card.

The idea behind is same with apps2sd scripts, linking applications to SD card's second partition but differs in two ways,...Learn More

FVD - Free Video Downloader

Free Video Downloader allows you to download lots of videos from the web!

Use for easy, one-tap connection testing in under 30 seconds—accurate anywhere thanks to our global network.

Millions of users have made the #1 app for testing internet speeds, and it’s trusted by the professionals like Anandtech, Engadget, and even the BBC and New York Times!,..Learn More

Easy Battery Saver
Easy Battery Saver, your super battery savior

Does your phone always need charging, even once a day?
Does your phone always die at crucial moment due to running out of battery?
Want to find a perfect solution?
Now is your answer!,...Learn More

AnTuTu Benchmark

Benchmark is AnTuTu App!

AnTuTu Benchmark is Android Benchmarking tool,....Learn More

Lacak Nomor Telepon HLR Lookup
HLR Lookup is an application to check where an originating telephone number Reg.

Input telephone number to find the telephone number location.
Besides, you can input phone number from phonebook instead of typing,...Learn More

Titanium Backup ★ root

EXTREMELY powerful tool. Backup ALL apps, Market links, remove bloatware & MORE!,...Learn More

GO Keyboard Emoji plugin

 The Emoji plugin released by GO Keyboard Dev Team is meticulously design.
Allows you to text message, email, microblogging,twitter and other applications, enter the fuuny,lovely,personalized Emoji icon,...Learn More

'Japanese emoticons' app allows fastly inserting 顔文字 (kaomoji, Japanese smileys) to your messages everywhere. Just open the app and select a smile - it will be automatically copied to the clipboard. App can be attached to the system bar or to the search key. Simeji is also supported. Less clicks, more convenient!,..Learn More

Font Installer ★ Root ★
The best Font Installer on Android! Select from hundreds of custom fonts to install system wide! Preview, backup, install from SD card and share your fonts.

This app is for rooted devices only! If you don't know what root is then please do not download this app,...Learn More

Lacak Ponsel
Input telephone number to find the telephone number location.
Besides, you can say the number using speech recoginition technology instead of typing

This application find the location of telephone number based of the prefix (HLR),...Learn More

Antivirus Free

Fast and lightweight malicious app protection for your phoneAntivirus Free gives you the latest Android mobile protection,...Learn More

Android Antivirus.

 ANDROID ANTI VIRUS - quick and easy way to scan your device for dangerous apps

ANDROID ANTI VIRUS - Protects your Android mobile phone or tablet against viruses, malware and spyware,...Learn More

Screen Capture Shortcut Free

this application can take device screenshot/screencapture
not required root

support device:
Galaxy S
Galaxy Tab
Galaxy S Ⅱ

GO Switch Widget
GO Switch Widget provides you a fast way to turn on/off many useful functions.

GO Switch Widget provides you a fast way to turn on/off the functions in common use, such as Wifi, GPS, brightness, screen lock,flashlight, battery etc,..Learn More

APP Lock
Protect your installed applications using a password or pattern!
APPLock, Easy and Strong application lock tool !

APPLock will protect your installed applications using a password or pattern!,..Learn More

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